What Are The Different Types Of Lift Chairs?

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When you have problems with mobility, it can make transitioning from sitting to standing very difficult. Those who do not have strength in their legs or have severe hip or back problems often cannot rise from sitting without assistance. However, with the help of a lift chair, standing up and sitting down is much easier. This allows those with mobility issues to have more independence because they do not have to rely on others to help them get up or sit down. These are some different types of lift chairs that can be very beneficial to those with mobility issues.

Seat Lift Chairs

Seat lift chairs are standard chairs that sit upright. The back of this type of chair does not recline. Instead, the specialized seat lifts upward. These chairs work perfectly at helping one rise to a standing position. The seating can be left in the lifted position so that sitting down is also easier. Seat lift chairs are ideal for smaller rooms because they take up less space than reclining lift chairs. Since the backrest does not recline, this chair can sit flat against any wall.

Two Position Lift Chairs

Two position lift chairs are a form of reclining lift chair. This chair sits in two different positions. It can sit straight up like a seated lift chair or it can recline slightly so that the foot rest is out for propping up the feet. When the two position lift chair is raised, the entire chair lifts up instead of just the seat. The electrical remote moves the chair up and forward so that it is easy to get into a standing position. These chairs are larger than seated lift chairs, but can still sit close to a wall because the backs do not recline completely.

Extended Recline Lift Chairs

There are also reclining lift chairs that fully recline and can sit in multiple positions. There are two main types of extended recline lift chairs. These are three position lift chairs and infinite position lift chairs.

Choosing the perfect lift chair for your needs depends mainly on how often you will be using it and the size of room it will be sitting in. If it is only used occasionally for sitting, seated lift chairs should work well. However, if you plan on napping in your chair regularly, reclining lift chairs are the best choice. Reclining lift chairs will need to sit away from the wall somewhat and seated lift chairs will not.