Having Foot Surgery Done? Here's How To Prepare

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If you are getting ready to have foot surgery done, you are probably looking forward to feeling some relief and working toward a full recovery. The one thing that you probably aren't looking forward to is dealing with the recovery process. You'll probably have to be off of your feet for several weeks or months, which can obviously be tough for anyone. If you want to make recovery as easy as possible, consider these tips to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Invest in a Knee Scooter

You might be thinking about using crutches after your foot surgery, but there is one better option that can provide you with better mobility -- using a knee scooter. Basically, a knee scooter allows you to prop up your foot while walking with your other foot and "steering" yourself around. This can put less stress on your other leg and can make mobility a whole lot easier, and it can give you more stability and help prevent falls. Plus, your foot will be elevated, which can promote better healing. You can buy a knee scooter online or at a local medical supply store. For more information, contact KneeRover or a similar company.

Create a Downstairs Bedroom

If you live in a multi-level home, you should know that getting up and down the stairs will be tough after your surgery. Consider creating a downstairs bedroom if you don't have one already; if necessary, you can use a dining room or other area of the home for your temporary bedroom. Then, you'll have a comfortable place to relax, heal and sleep without worrying about climbing up and down the stairs.

Invest in a Temporary Ramp

You might not see the need to install a ramp on your home if you will only be recovering for a little while, but a temporary ramp can be a good option instead. Temporary ramps can be set up in mere minutes and can be taken with you on the road, yet they make it easy for you to get in and out of your home and other places when using a knee scooter or wheelchair. Plus, since it can be taken up easily, you can always sell it or give it away when you're finished.

Preparing for foot surgery now can help make it easier to recover after your procedure is done. Luckily, following these simple tips can help you prepare yourself in no time, so you can then focus on getting ready for surgery and getting better afterward.