You Can Benefit From Using A Knee Walker Following Foot Or Leg Injury Surgery

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It is difficult to walk comfortably after you've had leg or ankle surgery. Physicians in the past prescribed the use of crutches as a mode of getting around. However, crutches have distinct limitations that limit movement without pain. Today's technology offers you an alternative choice in the form of a knee walker that is also referred to as a knee caddy. A knee caddy allows you advantages that crutches cannot match.

Disadvantages of Using Crutches

Using crutches creates the difficulty of balancing your feet while making sure that your injured foot or leg does not bang around on the floor. Meanwhile, your hands, arms and shoulders are handling a lot of the balancing motions, and they become fatigued after a while. All of these discomforts could cause you to fall and suffer fractures.

A Knee Walker To The Rescue

The knee caddy gets you around on wheels, and you power it with your healthy foot and leg. So you depend less on using upper body strength to power it as you would have to with crutches, according to

The website points out that while using the walker, you maintain an upright and seated posture that allows you to use your hands in guiding the scooter. This is a form of exercise that prevents you from developing atrophy in your hands. Atrophy develops from withering of muscles due to lack of use.

Exercising All Muscles

You are actually exercising all the muscles that surround your hip, knee and trunk as you maneuver about with a knee caddy. The really neat quality of this type of exercise is that the muscles in your injured leg as well as your uninjured leg are both gaining strength as you use the walker.

Nonbearing Weight Quality Of Knee Walkers

You are not bearing weight on the injured leg when you use a knee caddy. It offers you mobility without any type of additional injury. You will not suffer leg or foot irritation, nor will you be subject to abrasions and pressure, which are some of the disadvantages when using crutches. All of these nonbearing weight activities make it possible for your injury to heal faster.

Other Benefits Of Using A Knee Walker

You will not suffer more pain and swelling when using the walker because it partially elevates your injured leg, the website asserts. The article notes that you also reduce your energy output since symptoms of fatigue are reduced when you use the knee caddy.

This medical transport caddy aids your balancing movements simply because it's constructed and designed with a broad base of support to get you around without accidents on sturdy pavements. The goal of a knee walker is to help you as you maneuver through your rehabilitation process.